Natural Energy Healing

Natural Energy Healing uses the gentle art of muscle response to receive information and find the imbalance and stress in the body. It then uses techniques and acupuncture points to enhance your health on all levels.

When would be the best time to see Lilian?

When you have identified an issue, behaviour, pattern or stress level that starts to affect your everyday life and happiness and when you feel ready to resolve this and move forward.


These are some of the examples of Modalities I would use.

Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program

This type of Energy Healing is excellent for clearing dysfunctional patterns and behaviour.

Neuro Linguistic Healing

The aim of Neuro Linguistic Healing is to help you become aware and have more understanding of where your negative thoughts come from and replace them with positive thoughts and outcomes.

It is a way of improving performance in any area of a person’s life.

What can Natural Energy Healing help you with?

  • Feeling stuck
  • Anxiety /stress
  • Unwanted behaviours and patterns
  • Depressed thoughts
  • Low self esteem
  • Fears and phobias
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Motivation and confidence building

Patient Case Studies

Depressed Young male


Depression has many layers to it. Lilian gets to the reason why we have depression, and when it started. It answers your questions via muscle monitoring.

This could be biological example hormones, or a dysfunctional learned memory, storing sad thoughts or genetics dispersion. Bio-feedback works to unblock the programming so you can be more present with thoughts, and return to a happy, more relaxed state of mind. It removes the build up and helps you to deal with stress from now, not cellular memory programming.

Depression starts from one memory, whether that’s emotional memory, or biological memory, where neurons are not sending the balanced amount of hormones to an organ or system.

Unproductive Patterns & Behaviours

Lilian, with the help of bio feedback, goes back to where you planted the first thought of this negative pattern. The brain remembers every thought, negative and positive, and likes to keep behaving in the same way.

Energy balance brings about positive change, shifting the programming and giving you a more conscious awareness of your behaviour assisting you to live a more happy, fulfilled life.

Brain Wave Patterns
Fatigued Tired Female

Fatigue & Tiredness

There are many reasons for fatigue and tiredness including emotional issues causing blocks in various systems in the body, diet, environment, prolonged illness, side effects from allergies or medications. The list is endless.

Bio feedback gets to the reason why, what is causing this, what is not working for you, and what you need to do to change.

Removing energy blocks clears the memory build up of stress and anxiety, so you can handle stress from now, and access a new sleeping pattern that works for you.

Chronic Pain & Headaches

Bio feedback finds why and when the blocks, or reasons for the pain started. The body and brain remembers pain. Bio feedback clears programmed memory of pain, finds the blocks and assists in reducing the pain.

Pain receptors, again, will react from memory prolonged pain, and will affect the mental ability to relax, and results in tense tight muscle reactive, one of the many causes of headaches.

If we do not filter some information out and hold onto our emotions, the brain becomes overwhelmed, resulting in headaches.

Woman with Headache

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